You might not be surprised that the police arrest some people on New Year’s Eve. They’ve been drinking too much, got behind the wheel when they shouldn’t have, might’ve been too rowdy in public.
Just because we’re celebrating a new year doesn’t mean everyone gets the night off. The police are working that night, nurses and doctors are working that night, firefighters are working that night – and so are our bail bond agents.
Los Angeles Bail Bonds is a 24/7 bail bond company servicing the whole state of Mississippi. We hope that you won’t ever need our services but in case you do, remember us. We bail people out of jail all the time. We work quickly and quietly and we keep your monthly costs low with. We respect your privacy during this time and we want you to know that we are always on your side. Even after your bail bond has been processed, you are encouraged to contact us again anytime you have questions or concerns.

Don’t worry if it’s Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve or any other time or day of the year. Los Angeles Bail Bonds has over 120+ agents and representatives to cover anyone and everyone who needs our help, whenever!

Please visit us at Mr. Bail Mississippi Bail Bonds or call us at 855-467-2245.